Who are we?

Clipfactory specialises in printed paperclips and came about in 2019 after a merger between Markclip International and Promoclip International.

Markclip was founded in 1982 and gained international fame with the sale of printed paperclips.  Promoclip has been active since 1994 and has achieved a strong market position, particularly in the Netherlands and Germany. With the establishment of Clipfactory, a new player emerged in 2019 that is the undisputed global market leader in the production and sales of printed paperclips.

The sales office is located in Naarden and production takes place in Gliwice in Poland. Our team consists of 15 employees and we supply companies that trade in promotional products.

Clipfactory is part of Promocorp. Promocorp consists of 5 companies, each of which specialises in its own promotional products.   

What do we do?

We produce and sell printed paperclips. Apart from the worldwide patented Deltaclip made of paper, these are made of metal. Functional, reusable and durable. 

In an increasingly digitized world, what is entrusted to paper is becoming more and more important. A luxury paperclip completes your house style. 

Curious about the production processes? Then click on “how it’s made”.



Trade associations

Clipfactory belongs to trade organisations in the Netherlands (PPP), Belgium (BAPP) and Germany (GWW).